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we sell all our counterfeit money at a 10% rate, that is for 5000 euro you will get 50000 euro



 Counterfeit Euros For Sale

counterfeit euros for sale, Advances in technology have created some of the most sophisticated currencies in history that are hard to replicate. Euro is one of them, with a huge circulation across 19 countries of the European Union. It is the second-largest currency in the world, with some of the most counterfeit-proof security features embedded on the banknote. At, we stay on the trail of the latest wave of security improvements, and our has team has done a commendable job to master replication of features, including:

  • Paper. Our fake euro money is printed on a pure cotton paper with a firm and crisp texture.
  • Raised ink. Run your fingers over the banknote, and you can feel the raised print, which is usually the initials of the Central Bank.
  • Watermark. It shows the value of the note and the architectural design, with smooth color transition under the light.
  • Security thread. The word ‘EURO’ and denomination value embedded in the paper, which appears as a dark stripe when held against the light.
  • See-through number. Incomplete marks on the top corners of each side that combine perfectly to form the numeral.


Why Choose Us

A majority of personal problems call for a quick fix. Money may not be everything, but it is one of the essential things in our lives. If you are looking to buy counterfeit euros, below are some reasons why is the best place to shop:

  • Technology. We employ the latest printing techniques and sound replication strategy to ensure 100% authenticity.
  • Accessibility. It doesn’t matter where you live. We aim to ship your bills discreetly as soon as possible.
  • Affordability. Our prices give us a competitive edge against other suppliers. You can have ten times the money for a fraction of the cost. Place your order now


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